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Online Payments - FAQs

  • What are the benefits of paying online?

    We understand that carrying loose change around or having to pop to the cash point before every game can be a pain. We have enabled online payments to allow teams to have peace of mind that their fixture is paid for without this burden so it's one less thing to think about on your game night.

  • How do I pay online?

    To make an online payment a player or team captain firstly needs to register a My Leagues4You account. It only takes a moment and once registered you can set up a payment plan from the fixtures page by adding the fixtures to your cart and choosing whether to pay for all up front or in weekly instalments.

  • Are your online payments secure?

    Yes we only take payments through Paypal, a name you can trust to ensure all payments are secure and safe. Leagues4You does not store any of your payment information at all.

  • Can I pay for fixtures online even though the season has started?

    Yes you can pay for any of your remaining fixtures at any point in the season as long as you have more than 1 game remaining. You will never be charged for games you have already played, only future fixtures that have not been paid for.

  • Why have I been charged a payment for a bye-week?

    Our payment schedule works like a weekly direct debit, and whilst it may look like you have been charged for a bye-week, the payment is actually for the next physical game you are due to play. We will never charge more than the total number of games you are due to actually play in. So for example if you have 18 fixtures in a season including 2 bye-weeks, we will take 16 weeks worth of payments. This means the last 2 games we won't be taking payments as they'll have already been paid for.

  • Can I cancel my instalment plan on a bye-week?

    Yes you can do this if you feel you do not have the funds to cover a week where you may not be seeing your team mates to be reimbursed. We fully understand why some captains do this, and you are free to do so, just remember you will need to then place a new order next week ideally 24 hours before your game night.

  • Can I change the card or bank that instalments are being taken from?

    If you wish to change the payee or payment details on an active account you must first cancel the existing subscription plan within your Paypal account. You can then simply place a new order from your My Leagues4You page for any remaining unpaid fixtures and make sure they are being funded by your new payment details at the checkout stage.

  • My subscription was cancelled - can I create a new one?

    Yes whether you cancelled it yourself or it was cancelled by Paypal due to a missed payment, you can re-order from our website at any time setting up a new instalment plan.

  • I have an email saying my subscription was cancelled - why?

    Paypal will automatically cancel a subscription after 1 missed payment, so if for any reason a payment failed (for example lack of funds in bank or an expired credit card) you will receive notification of its cancellation. You can simply set up a new order to pay for any remaining fixtures at any time.

  • Do I need to be registered with Leagues 4 You to make a payment?

    Whilst we do require a team captain or player to initiate the order, payments can be made by anyone with a Paypal account once you reach checkout.

  • Can I pay for a whole season up front?

    Yes you can choose to pay for your fixtures in a single payment or by weekly instalment. Simply choose the option you want before heading to checkout.

  • How do I prove to the umpire I have paid for a fixture?

    Generally if you have paid 24 hours or more before a fixture date your league coordinator will already have received confirmation you have paid. However if your payment plan was set up on the fixture day itself it can result in this information being delayed. If in doubt you can simply show the umpire or coordinator a screen shot of Paypal's confirmation that you have paid.

  • My league game was re-arranged so why I have still been charged?

    Because a subscription is based on a weekly rota, you will be charged every week until the number of payments equals the number of league games you are due to play. For that reason if a game is rearranged to the end of the season, you may still be charged for that week, but you will not then be charged again when you come to actually play the game. We will never take more payments than the number of games you are due to play in.