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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is a season?

    A season will generally be 8 – 10 weeks depending on how many teams are in the league.

  • Am I insured against injuries?

    Leagues4you hold full public liability insurance - should you injure yourself and Leagues4you were at fault then you would be covered by our insurance. It is your choice to take out additional personal injury insurance if you so wish.

  • What happens if I do not turn up?

    You will be charged for that week’s match fee. If there is a match arranged then you will be inconveniencing the other team as well. If a team does not turn up, they will be deemed to have lost 5-0.

  • Can I change leagues/locations?

    Yes, but at the end of that particular season.

  • Can I change teams?

    The members of a team can change but the team itself is obliged to turn up every week during the season.

  • Can I play if I do not belong to a team?

    You can register your interest in playing and we will try and put together a team for you.

  • Do we need to be a member of the leisure centre?

    No, we deal with all that.

  • What if I want to complain?

    We take complaints very seriously. If the referee/umpire cannot sort out your complaint then please send an email to and a senior manager will respond to you.

  • If we haven’t got our full match fee can we still play and pay it next week?

    No. The referee/umpire will not start your match unless you pay the full match fee.

  • What if a match is cancelled by you, because of the weather for example?

    If you do not have a game when you are scheduled to, then one of our managers will always contact you and explain what the position is.

  • If we don’t get a game one week, what will happen?

    This is rare but we will attempt to rearrange any missed games. If the other team failed to turn up, you will be deemed to have won and given a goal advantage.