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Indoor Rounders leagues in Worcester

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Who are Leagues4you?

We're a sports league provider with almost 3000 players playing in our leagues all across the country. With Leagues4you you can play sports, get fit, make friends, and have fun in the process!  


I’ve never played rounders before, is this league suitable for me?

It sure is! Loads of our players are trying new sports or returning to them for the first time in years. If you’re still worried, many of our leagues have refresher sessions that will introduce you to some game play and rules.


What should I wear?
Whatever you’re comfortable in! Trainers are essential, but otherwise whatever sportswear you’re happy in; leggings, joggers, shorts are all fine.


How many players are in a team?

Teams have a maximum of seven players. As this is a mixed league, teams can have a maximum of 4 men at any one time, however there is no minimum number for men playing (i.e a team can be women only).


Do I need to provide my own kit?

Nope! We provide all the kit, so you just need to turn up and play. However, if you want to bring your own bat, you can!


Lots of companies have hidden sign up fees, do you?

We pinky promise that we’ll never charge you a sign up fee. We aim to make starting a new sport as easy as possible so vow never to charge any sign up, affiliation, or registration fees. 


Do you provide prizes for the winners?

Of course! Winners receive a trophy and medals, plus the player of the season gets a t-shirt! 


I don’t have a team but still would like to play, is this possible?

You bet it is! Click ‘register as a player’ above and we’ll find a team for you, it’s a great way to meet new people and make some great friends.


How old do you have to be to play in one of your leagues?

Our leagues are for players aged 14 and above, there's no upper age limit so you're never too old to play with Leagues4you!